The FOCBS's transformation helps to increase border security for the population, businesses and the state.


Security is our highest priority. Staff are trained and equipped in line with the new job profile. 100% of operational customs staff are already equipped with protective vests.


On average, more than 850 mobile fingerprint checks are performed, for example during assignments on trains. This dispenses with time-consuming transfers to identification centres.


Every day, customs staff sign into and out of work around 1'200 times via the Mobile Responder app. In crisis situations, FOCBS patrols can be located immediately and backup provided where necessary.


More precise risk analyses contribute to increasing security in all forms of transport. For example, there have been over 25'000 checks and 4'500 interceptions in postal traffic, thanks to the Import Control System 2 (ICS2).


The app is already indispensable in mobile operations. Each month, more than 230'000 searches for investigative data on people, vehicles and objects are made using eneXs mobile. 85% of requests are made by smartphone (excl. searches at airports).

As at 31.12.2022