Foreign assignments

The Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS) has a long-standing tradition of foreign assignments. They are carried out on behalf of Swiss foreign, peace, security and trade policy.

Assignment types

FOCBS employees are assigned to various tasks abroad: during FRONTEX assignments, employees work at the Schengen external borders. Air marshals (Tiger) and ground marshals (Fox) work in the area of aviation security. Airline liaison officers (ALOs) work in an advisory capacity in the document area in third countries. In addition, there are assignments at the EU Commission (TAXUD) as seconded national experts, at the World Customs Organisation (WCO) as technical attach├ęs or technical officers and at the Swiss Mission to the EU as customs attach├ęs. There is also the possibility of an assignment in Geneva at the EFTA Secretariat in the Trade Relations Division (TRD) as either a trainee or an officer.


International assignments give FOCBS members the possibility to perform tasks abroad in myriad areas of activity. Interesting career prospects are thus created and the FOCBS's know-how is continuously enhanced. Our vision consists of contributing to security internationally and helping in the areas of trade policy and trade facilitation to make the most of employees' potential and enhance their skills.  

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