Flexibility and mobility

Thanks to refinements in its organisation, the FOCBS can react even more quickly and flexibly to situational changes.


All levels of the FOCBS organisation were realigned to the new requirements – as a condition and consequence of the digital transformation. The focus is on synergies and flexibility. For example, the existing 38 border guard posts and 21 customs inspectorates were consolidated into 23 local levels.

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Under the new real estate strategy, the real estate portfolio – currently comprising over 1'000 properties – will be reduced by half. The transformation of the FOCBS will require fewer buildings at the border but a larger number of mobile workstations, modern bases and enhanced 360-degree monitoring capability via the intervention centres. 


94% of the FOCBS's patrol vehicles are equipped with telematics and digital logbooks: operational staff members are relieved of purely administrative activities, leaving them free to concentrate on their core tasks.


199 aspirants are currently being trained in the new job profile "specialist in customs and border security". The new job profile increases the flexibility in the FOCBS, which is needed in order for it to fulfil its mandate: comprehensive border security for the population, businesses and the state.


As part of the further development of the FOCBS's organisation, recruitments were carried out for around 2'000 out of approximately 4'700 jobs – these were almost exclusively filled by existing staff.


Since the beginning of the year, operational staff members have received over 7'300 hours of in-house training relating to the new job profile ("Allegra"). Training is decentralised, with the emphasis on practical aspects. Around a hundred Allegra instructors are active in the regions.



The new designation "Federal Office for Customs and Border Security" (FOCBS) is a logical consequence and an important symbolic element of the transformation. The new, standardised image, including the radiating cross and designation in four languages, Zoll – Douane – Dogana – Duana, will be applied to buildings, uniforms and IT applications gradually.

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As at 31.12.2022