Travel and purchases, allowances and duty-free limit

People are becoming increasingly mobile and want to travel without being subject to long controls at the border. When crossing the border, you contribute to clearance without delay by:

  • Keeping recognised and valid travel documents ready, and
  • Spontaneously declaring all carried goods and animals. Our QuickZoll app is a convenient way to declare most goods. You can also use the app to calculate in advance the costs for importing goods in tourist traffic (not available for online shopping).

Anyone who has nothing to declare can use the green channel at the airport, for example. We recommend using the red channel to anyone who is unsure about having to declare goods.

Nothing to declare

If you are crossing the border by car, you can place the green "nothing to declare" sign on the dashboard.

With this green declaration sign, you declare that you and all persons travelling with you have recognised and valid travel documents to cross borders and are only carrying goods within the allowances and the tax-free limits or which they have cleared using QuickZoll. The green declaration sign is binding and customs staff can carry out checks without asking.

Information according to the direction of travel (e.g. applicable allowances in tourist traffic) can be found at the following links:


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