The FOCBS is consistently applying agile methods to implement the DaziT programme. Since summer 2019, the SAFe framework model has been used for overarching coordination.


The projects described in the DaziT special dispatch of 2017 were each assigned to a value stream. In these value streams, the specialist representatives define the needs from the user perspective and describe them to the developer teams.


The development of new digital solutions is taking place in two agile release trains (ARTs): the Acziun ART (romansch for "movement") for new developments; and the Curir ART ("running") for operations and the further development of legacy applications.


Together, the two ARTs currently comprise 22 teams (13 for Acziun, 9 for Curir) involving 200 people: scrum masters, developers, architects, testers, product owners, and many more.



Since 2019, the FOCBS has organised 48 inhouse courses on SAFe and the associated SAFe roles, in order to prepare staff for agile development in DaziT. 


The two ARTs have already implemented around 1'100 features and enablers (functionalities).


The new functionalities were subjected to more than 350'000 tests (system, system integration and acceptance tests).

As at 31.12.2022