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Our assessment decisions can be issued and obtained in both paper and electronic formats. Retrieval of the electronic assessment decision is controlled via the applicant's business identification number (UID) indicated in the import customs declaration or via the centralised settlement procedure (CSP) account.

Who? What? Condition?
Applicant *eVVZ, eVVM,
The applicant's UID** number was used in the
import customs declaration.
Holder of
customs CSP
eVVZ + eRBZ The customs CSP account used in the import
customs declaration has been matched with the account holder's UID**.
Holder of VAT
CSP account
eVVM + eRBM The VAT CSP account used in the import customs
declaration has been matched with the account holder's UID**.

*eVVZ = electronic customs assessment decision
eVVM = electronic VAT assessment decision
eRBZ = electronic customs refund receipt
eRBM = electronic VAT refund receipt                                                                                                                                   **UID = business identification number 

Looking to the future
Within the framework of the Confederation's e-government strategy, in future we will dispense with the paper version and will provide you with the documents in electronic format only. An electronic assessment decision is mandatory for e-dec Import.

Registration for the electronic assessment decision procedure

The business identification number (UID) must be registered in the customs client administration application in order to retrieve electronic assessment decisions (eVVs).

Please register your company using your UID in the customs client administration application. For more information, see Customs client administration – UID
Registration is not required for retrieving an electronic assessment decision with an access code.

N.B. Once you opt for the electronic assessment decision, you will no longer receive any assessment decisions by post.

If you opt for parallel processing, for one month following the changeover date you will continue to receive the import assessment decision by post, printed on security paper. In parallel you can obtain the same documents in electronic format and so ensure that both technically speaking and in organisational terms you are ready for the definitive shift to the electronic assessment decision system.

Obtaining an electronic assessment decision

For performance reasons we have limited the range of dates for list queries to a maximum of 10 days for Import and a maximum of 30 days for Export.

Retrieval of an electronic assessment decision with access code
Each customs declaration is attributed a unique access code. The carrier then informs the importer of the customs declaration number (same number as assessment decision) and the corresponding access code. The importer can obtain the electronic assessment decision via the website indicated below, without being registered with us. Obtaining the electronic assessment decision with the access code works only for single queries: mass queries are not possible.

Signature verification

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