Declaration platform for commercial goods traffic: e-dec

Your company can use e-dec to declare goods for importation or exportation electronically. There is one e-dec application for each direction.

Overview of all services relating to e-dec:

e-dec Info and News on services

The latest information on e-dec applications is available at "e-dec Info". Under "News on services", you will find the latest news, for example on disruptions.

e-dec Import and e-dec Export

You can use the e-dec Import and e-dec Export applications to send import and export customs declarations to your own freight application via an interface.

The FOCBS provides all e-dec applications free of charge. However, you may incur licensing costs from a service provider or your own development costs if you use e-dec Import or e-dec Export.

Free e-dec web for importing goods

e-dec web allows you to make import customs declarations directly online (without registering).

e-dec system status

Here you can view the status of the productive declaration platform.