Permit obligation (import and export restrictions)

When certain goods are imported or exported, various conditions must be met under non-customs provisions. These regulations may restrict import and/or export. These restrictions include certification and permit obligations as well as prohibitions.

Details can be found on the pages of the legal areas in question and the competent permit offices (--> further info)

Protection of public security 

Arms and ammunition      

Goods with both civilian and military applications (dual use)

Protection of commercial rights

Precious metals

Intellectual property/counterfeits and piracy

Transfer of cultural goods


Protection of the environment

Dangerous chemicals and pesticides


Air pollution control, ozone-depleting substances

Protection of health

Therapeutic products and doping

Narcotics and precursor chemicals

Foodstuffs and articles of daily use


Protection of flora and fauna

Animals and animal products

Protection of species (CITES), animals and plants

Hunting (wildlife) and fisheries


Economic and agricultural measures

Tariff quotas

Stocks of goods


Display of the permit obligation in the electronic customs tariff Tares

Where possible, the conditions are listed in the electronic customs tariff Tares.

If, after querying a tariff number and clicking on "Display details" in Tares, there is an indication under the heading "Permit obligation", then the goods under that tariff number and any applicable key may be imported or exported only with a permit issued by the permit office mentioned, or an exemption from the permit obligation for import or export must be demonstrated.

The display of the permit obligation in the electronic customs tariff Tares is not complete. The relevant legal provisions are authoritative. In the event of uncertainty, please contact the competent permit office.

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