Therapeutic products and doping

To protect the Swiss population, the trade in therapeutic products is subject to strict requirements and monitoring.

The Confederation shall support and take measures against the abuse of substances and methods to increase physical performance in sport (doping). Products are considered to be doping substances when they contain substances listed in the Sport support Ordinance (Annexe I) and/or when they could be used for the prohibited methods listed therein.

Under the heading "Medical products from the Internet", the website of the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, Swissmedic, provides information on what you need to do when importing therapeutic products to Switzerland. The website of the Antidoping Switzerland Foundation provides information on doping substances.

Involvement of the customs authority

The Customs Offices are involved in the monitoring of the import, export, and transit of therapeutic products and doping substances. In particular, they monitor whether the therapeutic products are licensed or compliant.

In the case of a suspicious shipment of goods, the Customs Office notifies Swissmedic or Antidoping Switzerland and holds back the shipment in question. Decisions are not made by the Customs Offices, but exclusively by Swissmedic or Antidoping Switzerland.

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