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Beware of buying a dog abroad 

Only some of the 25,000 or so dogs imported into Switzerland each year come from reputable breeders or from responsible animal welfare organizations. The FSVO shows what needs to be considered.

Internet FSVO:   Medienmitteilung "Augen auf beim Hundekauf" (only in German, French or Italian)

Internet FSVO:    Broschüre "Augen auf beim Hundekauf" (only in German, French or Italian)


Travel, relocation and import

Are you going on holiday with a cat or dog? Have you bought a pet abroad, or are you relocating to Switzerland with a cat or dog? Or are you looking for information on EU requirements, rabies, parasites or air transport? If so, we recommend the following links:

Additional information can be found on the website of the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO - Topics - Travelling with pets.

Foreign provisions must be clarified directly in the relevant country, at its embassy or at the foreign customs office.

Pets must be imported via a manned customs office during the clearance times for tourist traffic.

Registration at customs when crossing the border

The importation of pets must be made at a manned border crossing and during the opening hours for tourist traffic. The animal must be presented personally to the control authorities together with the forms necessary for the import.

Retroactive registration of pets

Requests for retroactive registration of pets must be submitted without exception to the Com-petence Center for Pets of the Swiss Customs (KoHe).

For this purpose, the corresponding notification form "KoHe - Notification form for retroactive customs clearance for pets" must be used. This should be sent by e-mail to the KoHe ( together with the necessary documents according to point 4 of the notification form.

Please note: Subsequent declarations are always associated with additional costs. We reserve the right to initiate penal procedures.


Animals purchased abroad and imported into Switzerland are duty-free but are subject to 8,1% VAT on the value of the goods. You can help speed up customs clearance by showing a receipt for the goods.

Docked dogs; importation prohibited

The importation of docked dogs is prohibited. Consequently, docked dogs are refused entry at the border.



Whether by car, plane or train, this must be conducted in an animal-friendly manner. The provisions of the Federal Act on the Protection of Animals or of IATA must be strictly adhered to.

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