Animal feedstuffs and animal litter

Products which are considered to be animal feedstuffs are used to feed animals and are not suitable for human consumption.

In the case of animal feedstuffs made from animal products, or animal feedstuffs which contain components of animal origin, kindly take additional note of the veterinary legislation:

Private individual imports in tourist traffic

Animal feedstuffs can be imported in tourist traffic if they are for personal use for your pets and domestic animals. The duty-free allowance of CHF 300 per person present and per day is applicable: value of goods up to CHF 300, free of VAT.

Personal use: the use of the animal feedstuffs is for one's own animal or a small number of one's own animals. Operators of horse boarding facilities, farmers, stable owners, etc. must declare animal feedstuffs electronically to a relevant customs office for clearance.

Online shopping, postal and courier consignments

Do you order animal feedstuffs online or do you receive consignments by post or via courier? The regulations for merchandise are applicable. Information is available at the following link: Declaring goods - animal feedstuffs.

The regulations mentioned are also applicable to animal litter (e.g. straw as bedding).

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