Here you will find information on the import of spirits, alcoholic products and undenatured ethanol, as well as the production of spirits produced by distillation and fabrication.

The publication of statistical data from the spirits tax area is divided into three sections: Current statistics, historical data and publications of the former Swiss Alcohol Board SAB (2012-2017).

The statistics on the importation of distilled spirits, alcohol products and non-denatured ethanol are published on a quarterly basis. The quarterly data is posted on our website at the end of April, July and October, and January of the subsequent year. This data is provisional. The definitive data is validated at the time of the publication of the data for the previous quarter. The other statistics are published annually.

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Legal foundations

In accordance with article 70 of the Alcohol Ordinance of 15 September 2017 (AlcO; SR 680.11), the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS) may use the data on spirits subject to duty for statistical purposes, and publish this data.

Further info

As a complement to the statistics published online, the FOCBS also compiles special statistics for third parties upon request, such as the statistics on defined groups of goods or special subject areas. In order to prevent a company from obtaining a competitive advantage, the special statistics provided for the private sector are generally compiled solely for economic associations.

Finally, special surveys should be mentioned, i.e. statistics on specific goods, compiled upon request in cases where the published figures may not be sufficiently meaningful.

Fees are charged for compiling special statistics and special surveys. The amount of fees is based on the Ordinance on Fees and Compensation for Statistical Services of Federal Administrative Units (SR 431.09)