Warning: Fraudulent telephone calls with automated announcement from Customs

Numerous private individuals have been contacted in the name of the «Federal Office for Customs and Border Security» or «Swiss Border Control» in recent days. An alleged automated announcement from customs informed them that a parcel had been confiscated and asked them to contact customs. The Federal Office of Customs and Border Security warns against such contact attempts and advises not to respond to them.


Brennpunkt-Teaser Warnung vor Telefonbetrug

Recently, there have been an increasing number of reports of private individuals being called from a mobile phone number and then hearing an automated announcement from the «Federal Office for Customs and Border Security» or «Swiss Border Control» stating that their parcel had been confiscated. They were then asked to be connected directly to the responsible customs office by clicking on button 1. These were fraudulent calls. The Federal Office of Customs and Border Security advises to terminate the telephone call immediately.

Correct procedure in the case of requests for payment by means of direct contact:

  • If you suspect fraud, hang up immediately.
  • Do not pay anything and do not give any personal details or bank or account information.
  • If you provided credit card details, contact your credit card company immediately to have the card blocked.
  • If you have made a payment, please contact the bank immediately  the bank so that they can stop the payment if necessary.
  • Do not allow anyone to remotely access your computer. If you gave remote access, it is possible that your computer has been infected. The first step is to un-install the remote access program.
  • If you suspect an infection, have your computer checked immediately by a spe-cialist and cleaned if necessary. The safest option is to completely reinstall the computer. However, do not forget to back up all personal data beforehand.
  • You can play your part in the fight against cybercriminals by reporting it to the NCSC (reporting form). Check on www.ncsc.admin.ch beforehand, to see whether your type of call has already been registered. You can find the latest reports here: NCSC report (admin.ch).
  • If you are unsure, you can contact the NCSC (contact information).
  • If you have suffered a financial loss as a result of a fraudulent call, you should file charges at a police station and contact the NCSC. The FOCBS accepts no responsibility for unlawful costs, fees or payments of any kind arising out of fraudulent activity.