The electronic toll sticker (e-vignette) can be obtained via www.e-vignette.ch from the "Via Portal" of the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS) as of 1 August 2023.

e-vignette & Via portal

The Via portal enables the quick and efficient purchase of one or more e-vignettes for motor vehicles, trailers and motorbikes for the use of Swiss motorways. The purchaser can quickly and easily purchase the e-vignette, specifying the vehicle category, the country of registration and the number plate. The data collected is stored in Switzerland. The validity of the e-vignette begins when it is successfully purchased and is for the same period as the sticker (1 December of the previous year to 31 January of the following year). The price for either the sticker or the e-vignette is the same (CHF 40.00).

Video: A quick guide the e-vignette

Functions of the e-vignette in the Via portal