Customs account in the centralised settlement procedure (CSP) of the Federal Customs Administration

Payments and invoices

To ensure trouble-free use of the CSP account, please note the following points:

Payments, invoices, deadlines

Always pay bills

  • even in the case of an incorrect assessment decision
  • request correction via haulage firm/customs office,
  • credit will be issued later and automatically offset.

Never offset credit yourself.

Respect payment timeframe(s)
Customs 5 days, VAT 60 days, increase securities 30 days.

Methods of payment

Payment slip with reference number (QR-IBAN)
Mandatory (customers domiciled in Switzerland)

Never offset credit yourself.

Direct Debit (LSV+)
Account must have sufficient funds

Paperless, simple and secure bill payment.

Responsibilities in case of problems and questions

Depending on the question or problem, you will be directed to the right contact person.

Contact CSP