Modes of transport: road, post, courier, rail, air, waterway

Customs clearance procedures differ depending on the mode of transport, such as lorry or train. An overview of the different modes of transport is given below.

Road traffic
Merchandise that is imported from Switzerland must be declared to Swiss Customs in writing or electronically. This checklist provides you with an overview of the import procedure

Post, online shopping, courier traffic

All consignments from abroad are declared to the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS) for assessment (customs clearance and payment of duties). In the case of parcels and letters, this is carried out by Swiss Post and courier firms.

Rail traffic
Merchandise cannot be cleared through customs on trains. If there are customs agents on the train, you must spontaneously declare any merchandise you are carrying. The customs agents will decide on how to proceed.

Special case: border zone traffic
This information page contains a corresponding section with directives on border zone traffic.

All of the directives on modes of transport at a glance.


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