rail traffic

Merchandise cannot be declared for customs clearance in trains.

If there are customs agents on the train, you must spontaneously declare any merchandise you are carrying. The customs agents will decide on how to proceed.

If no customs agents are present, you must declare the merchandise for import clearance at a competent customs office at a later date (within 7 days). This means that the goods, together with the electronic import declaration, invoices, available certificates of origin and the train ticket must be presented at the customs office.

You can find further information on the electronic declaration of merchandise for customs clearance at: Services companies.

Please note: On certain regional trains, travelling with merchandise is prohibited and can lead to a fine. Please pay attention to the symbols on the train or the loudspeaker announcements.

Information on customs declarations in trains can be obtained from the competent district directorate of customs.

You can find information on importing private goods in trains in the «Travelling by rail» section.