Cross-border flights

If you carry out your own cross-border flights, you must enquire at the airfields about the applicable customs regulations for arrivals and departures.

Cross-border flights must always take off from and land at a customs airfield (categories A to C). Any goods carried by you and your passengers, and any maintenance or repair work carried out on the aircraft, must be declared and cleared through customs where applicable.

In certain cases, it is also possible to take off from and land at a non-customs category D airfield (airfield with authorised traffic).


Airfields, Customs Categories, Customs Contact Addresses (PDF, 715 kB, 21.12.2023)(for smartphones and tablets the Adobe Reader App is required)

Please note that the aircraft itself may also be subject to customs formalities. Information on the use of uncleared aircraft can be found here.

Landing at a category D airfield

You may fly directly to a category D airfield if the following prerequisites are met:

  • You are a Swiss resident and are flying on an aircraft that has been cleared through customs in Switzerland OR you are resident abroad.

    If you are a Swiss resident and are flying on an aircraft that has not been cleared through customs, you must land at a customs airfield (categories A to C).
  • You and your passengers are only carrying goods for your own private use within the duty-free allowances and the tax-free limit, or goods that you and your passengers have duly cleared through customs using QuickZoll. Customs clearance must have taken place before landing.
  • You used QuickZoll to clear maintenance and repair work on a domestic aircraft used exclusively for private flights.

Customs declarations for cross-border flights


Depending on the authorisation requirements, the completed and signed form must be sent to the airfield manager or to the customs control office.

Some airfields have designed their own (electronic) forms, which are recognised by the FOCBS. Please contact the airfield operators for more information.

A border guard checks a pilot on the airfield next to his plane.


Information office for customs regulations

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