RailControl - summary customs declaration for rail freight traffic

With the RailControl computer application, we are implementing the summary declaration of goods in respect of cross-border freight traffic. The database is continuously updated with rail freight data relevant to us from the Swiss infrastructure operator (SBB Infrastructure).

The liberalisation of international rail transport has affected customs procedures in recent years. Long gone are the days when there was only one procedure for international freight traffic, and all traffic was processed at the border by one sole state-run railway undertaking (RU).

Transport today is processed according to new carriage models and involves competition with other RUs.

We are using the RailControl application for rail traffic controls at customs borders. When declaring a train, in addition to the operational train data, RUs provide the Swiss infrastructure operator with commercial consignment data and information on the customs status (e.g. goods description, NHM tariff heading, customs procedure reference number).


With RailControl the following objectives are attained:

  • Harmonisation of the customs declaration format
  • Handling of the transit procedure "T2-Corridor" (see info-box)
  • Efficient risk analyses and customs assessments
  • Low disruption to rail freight traffic
  • Guarantee of a comprehensive customs declaration
  • Simplification of data collection for rail transit statistics

Current status

Since January 2011, the application has been available to the customs offices concerned and has been introduced by the RUs.

Data catalogue

At the following link you will find the current, valid indications for the relevant data fields:

  • Data catalogue (Download available in German, French and Italian)

Further information