HVC (LSVA) III: Milestones of the introduction

Q2/2024 – Q2/2025

The FOCBS will contact vehicle owners gradually from the second quarter of 2024 onwards, so that they can register in the Confederation's ePortal. Registration should be completed by spring 2025 at the latest.

Q3/2024 – Q4/2024

From autumn 2024, a pilot operation will start with NATRAS AG and selected owners to record and automatically send journey data.

From 01.01.2025 onward

No new emotach devices will be installed from 2025. 

In the case of defective emotach devices or new vehicles without emotach, the new recording systems will be installed (NATRAS AG or other authorised NETS or EETS providers).

The installed emotach devices will be gradually replaced by the new recording devices over the course of the year. 

01.01.2025 – 31.12.2025

Swiss vehicle owners commission a provider to record journey data: either NATRAS AG or other authorised NETS or EETS providers.

From the changeover to HVC (LSVA) III, the journey data will be transmitted automatically and the assessments sent digitally.

A partire dal 01.01.2026

From 2026, only LSVA III will operate.