ICS2 Release 2 went live on 1 March 2023


Important information about Release 2

  • ICS2 fully replaces the current Security Amendment (SA) for air cargo
  • Under the Agreement on Customs Facilitation and Security between Switzerland and the European Union, the TAXUD requirements and documents are also valid for Switzerland
  • Release 2 concerns economic operators such as postal services, express courier and air cargo services, and other economic partners who wish to participate in multiple filing
  • The advance declaration for air cargo services is made before loading (Preloading Advanced Cargo Information, PLACI)
  • The complete data set is transmitted in air transport before arrival of the goods by means of an entry summary declaration (ENS)
  • In addition, an arrival declaration is required from the air cargo company when the aircraft arrives in the security area
  • For economic operators who already apply Release 1, the Transition from Release 1 to Release 2 strategy should be observed. There is a transitional period for the phased introduction until 2 October 2023 at the latest
  • Economic operators concerned should notify the date of replacement of the Security Amendment and implementation of ICS2 to the following address raa.ics@bazg.admin.ch

To ensure a smooth transition from ICS2 Release 1 to Release 2 at European level (EU, Switzerland and Norway), please refer to the information published by the European Commission (TAXUD) on Release 2 and point 8 of the transition strategy.

As an economic operator, would you like to participate in multiple filing?

  • From Release 2 onwards, you have the possibility to participate in the advance transmission of cargo information.
  • Multiple filing means that an entry summary declaration (ENS) consists of two or more individual ENS sub-declarations (data sets), which together make up a complete ENS declaration.
  • Different economic operators in the supply chain can participate in the data transmission and complete the security declaration. If you are interested in transmitting data by means of multiple filing, contact the carriers directly.
  • In principle, responsibility for the advance security declaration lies with the carrier.
  • The transmission takes place via the TAXUD Shared Trade Interface. To transmit the entry summary declaration (ENS) data, an EORI number is required for identification. Further information can be found on the CIRCABC platform.