Trade in pharmaceutical products

Health is a valuable asset for human beings, and therapeutic products play an important role in this.

Therapeutic products include medicinal products for human and veterinary use, as well as medical devices. These devices cover products for the general public such as sticking plasters and contact lenses, as well as medical implants, tests used to diagnose diseases and surgical instruments.

In order to ensure that you encounter no difficulties when importing, submit a product sample and all of the associated information (composition, indications) to the relevant authority beforehand.


Swissmedic, the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, is the central Swiss supervisory authority for therapeutic products. To protect the health of humans and animals, Swissmedic strives to ensure that medicinal products and medical devices in Switzerland are effective and safe.

Swissmedic is responsible for:

  • Licensing medicines
  • Granting authorisations for manufacturing and wholesale distribution, and inspecting facilities
  • Monitoring medicinal products and medical devices already on the market
  • Carrying out checks on the circulation of narcotics
  • Carrying out laboratory testing on the quality of medicinal products
  • Drafting laws and setting standards.

The trade in therapeutic products (medicinal products and medical devices) is subject to numerous and detailed regulations. Moreover, it is sometimes difficult to make a distinction between food supplements, cosmetics and consumer items. If you wish to trade in a therapeutic product in Switzerland, consult

If you wish to market a food supplement or cosmetic item, contact the cantonal laboratory for your canton; see