Food intended for holiday camps

Food intended for holiday camps is considered to be commercial goods and has to be assessed and taxed accordingly.

Food supplies

However, simplified import arrangements apply to food supplies for holiday camps that are organised and run by foreign schools, sports associations, cultural associations, interest groups, etc. for foreign participants. The food supplies are assessed according to the customs tariffs for tourist traffic. Nonetheless, they remain fully subject to customs duty and VAT. The tax-free limit and the duty-free allowances are not granted.

The food supplies must be carried by the camp participants at the time of entry into Switzerland, and may not exceed amounts commensurate with the number of participants and the duration of the camp. The above simplifications for food supplies will also be granted if the supplies are imported separately (e.g. in a separate vehicle).


Customs declaration

Upon entry into Switzerland, you must voluntarily declare the supplies, either verbally or using the form "Declaration of foodstuffs for holiday camps", at a border crossing attended by FOCBS staff.

The form constitutes a customs declaration and is binding. When declaring the goods, you must simultaneously present the customs office with a list of the camp participants.

The detailed opening hours are available in the list of customs offices.

For holiday camps that are organised regularly, the organiser can contact the district directorate of customs to seek simplification of the import assessment. The contact details can be found here: customs addresses.



Please note that food of animal or plant origin from non-EU states is subject to import restrictions. Further information: animal products / plants.