Send letters and parcels

All consignments from Switzerland to abroad are declared to customs.

In the case of parcels and letters, this is carried out by the carrier, e.g. DHL, UPS, Swiss Post, etc., using the details provided by the sender when preparing the customs declaration. The sender must provide a complete and accurate description of the contents of the postal item.

Special export regulations (non-customs provisions)

The exportation of certain goods is restricted or possible only with authorisation, and complete export bans are even applicable in the case of some products. The following goods in particular are subject to restrictions or bans (not an exhaustive list): 

  • Weapons (e.g. fire arms, knives, electric shock instruments, tear gas sprays, truncheons, etc.)
  • Radar warning devices
  • Narcotics and drugs containing narcotics
  • Goods containing depictions of pornography or violence
  • Pirated copies of electronic data carriers
  • Counterfeited trademarks and designer articles
  • Cultural property
  • Animals, animal products and plants in accordance with CITES species protection

Refund of import duties and tax due to re-exportation

Information on this can be found in publication no. 18.86; Publications (in french).

Customs clearance costs

Courier firms and Swiss Post levy various charges for their services associated with customs clearance. These customs clearance costs differ from on company to the next. If you have any questions on customs clearance costs, please contact the corresponding company directly.


  • Parcels sent by post: The sender fills in the customs contents declaration CN 23 (available from the post office) beside the postal address, and encloses a copy of the invoice or another document which certifies the value of the goods (internet print-out, contract of sale, etc.). Information on customs clearance can be obtained from Customer Service Postverzollung at tel. 0041 848 639 639, E-Mail:, Internet:; Information on the whereabouts of your parcel can be obtained by calling 0041 800 888 100.
  • Letters sent by post: The sender enters the consignment and content details electronically (Swiss Post customs declaration). Regarding value details, an invoice placed in a self-adhesive transparent envelope and attached to the postal item is sufficient.
  • Courier procedure:In order to clarify the procedure with a courier firm and the precise costs, we recommend checking online or in a telephone directory (e.g.