Declaration box

We have installed a so-called "declaration box" at border crossings where a written self-declaration is possible.

Declaration box

You will find the form "Customs declaration in tourist traffic" in this declaration box.

Declaration box

Key info

This form of customs declaration is permitted only for goods which are not intended to be sold or traded, which are not subject to any restrictions or bans, and require neither a compulsory certificate nor authorisation.

Merchandise must be declared at a competent customs office.

How the written self-declaration works

  1. Read the details on the declaration box information board.

  2. Take the form "Customs declaration in tourist traffic" out of the declaration box and complete it truthfully and in full.

  3. List ALL the goods that you are carrying and the costs on the form. We will deduct the applicable duty-free allowances and limits at the time of assessment.

  4. Sign the form, and detach the copies (B + C) from the original A.

  5. Place the original A and your supporting documents (receipts/invoices) in the envelope and seal it.

  6. Put the sealed envelope in the declaration box.

  7. Keep both of the copies (B + C). In the event of an inspection in Switzerland itself, the customs personnel will retain copy B.

  8. The import duties payable will be billed to you by post with a payment slip. The supporting documents will be stamped and returned to you (as a rule, this will take one month).
Written self-declaration


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