Vehicle drivers

As the driver of a vehicle, you have certain obligations when crossing the border with merchandise.


If you are bringing goods to Switzerland from abroad, you must spontaneously declare them at the border customs office. This also applies to goods which have to be cleared in Switzerland. In this case, you must present a valid transit document.


If you are exporting goods from Switzerland abroad, you must declare these goods for exportation at a customs office. If the export customs declaration occurs within Switzerland, you will require a transit document for the journey to the Swiss border customs office.


You can transport transit goods (uncleared and duty-free) through Switzerland with a valid transit document. The transit goods must be declared at the border customs office upon entering and leaving Switzerland.

Goods checks

If the customs office orders a check to be carried out, you are obliged to cooperate. You must cooperate as required by the customs office. For example, you must unload, load, unpack and repack the goods at your own risk and expense.

Inland transport (cabotage)

Inland transport (cabotage) using uncleared vehicles is prohibited. More information can be found at Ban on inland transport (cabotage).

Road traffic law checks

Customs staff have the authority to carry out checks on you and your vehicle within the scope of the current road traffic law.

Heavy vehicle charge (mileage-related and lump-sum)

Information on this can be found at Heavy vehicle charges (performance-related and lump-sum).

Motorway tax sticker (vignette)

More information can be found at Motorway tax sticker (vignette).


Fuel reserves

You can import the following quantities of fuel (petrol, diesel, etc.) in the tank of your vehicle tax and duty-free: 


Travel regulations

Information on this can be found at Passport, identity card and visa.

Personal goods

Personal goods must be declared at the border customs office. In this regard, the same regulations are applicable as for tourist traffic.



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