Importation into Switzerland

Household effects

The most important condition in order for your household effects as well as your collections, animals and vehicles to be considered as relocation goods is the transfer of domicile.

Holiday homes

Are you domiciled abroad and do you have a holiday home in Switzerland, or plan to have one?

Are you domiciled in Switzerland and liquidating a holiday home or second dwelling abroad, and/or bringing household effects into Switzerland from abroad?

Marriage (wedding trousseaux)

If after getting married you move to be with your spouse, who lives in Switzerland, you can import your household effects, personal effects, including vehicles, wedding gifts and animals duty-free. This applies also in the case of registered partners.

Inherited goods

Personal effects, household effects, vehicles and animals can be imported into Switzerland duty-free when a person resident in Switzerland inherits them. The prerequisite is that the deceased's last place of domicile must have been abroad.

Goods under an early inheritance can also be permitted duty-free.

Our opening hours and addresses

Please note the customs office opening hours for the declaration (assessment) of merchandise. Declarations can be made from Monday to Friday during clearance hours; some customs offices are also open on Saturday mornings.

The detailed opening hours are available in the list of customs offices.


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