Disagreeing with a Customs decision

All goods arriving in Switzerland from abroad are basically liable to duties (Customs Duty and Import VAT) and must be declared to the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security on arrival. Courier or postal consignments are declared by the carrier (i. e. DHL, UPS, Swiss Post, etc.) on the basis of the information provided by the sender. Once the carrier has completed the customs declaration, the amount of any tax and/or duty payable are worked out. Any charges due are billed to the recipient. You find further Informations under Receipt of letters and parcels.

You do not agree with our Customs decision? Appeals - The content is available in German, French or Italian. 

Complaint regarding customs handling fees charged by carrier

Courier and Swiss Post charge a handling fee to cover the costs for carrying out customs procedures. As they are completely separate from any customs charges, any queries about them should be raised with the appropriate carrier.


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