Number of the month 2023



Christmas time is time for toys. In 2022, Switzerland imported toys worth CHF 479 million, which corresponds to an average value of CHF 121 per household. Half of all toys came from China.(01.12.2023)


> 90%


Slovenia, with a population of only 2 million, became one of Switzerland's top 10 trading partners in 2022. It is a distribution hub, and chemical and pharmaceutical products account for over 90% in both directions of trade. (01.11.2023)



Turkey, Germany and India have been Switzerland's largest suppliers of gherkins and pickles for almost 20 years. In 2022, just under 8,000 tonnes were imported in total, i.e. 900 grams per person. (01.10.2023)




In 2022, Switzerland had a trade surplus (exports greater than imports) with 153 out of a total of 245 partners. The largest surplus was with the United States (+ CHF 24.9 bn). (01.09.2023)



String instruments

In 2022, Switzerland imported around 3,300 string instruments, more than half of them from China. On average, these chinese instruments cost only CHF 200, while the average value of such items from Italy is 26 times higher. (01.08.2023)


1.6kg per person

Ice cream

In 2022, Switzerland imported a record 14,233 tonnes of ice cream, i.e. more than 1.6 kg per inhabitant. Accounting for 40%, Germany was the main supplier, followed by Italy (13%) and France (11%). (01.07.2023)


2 368


In 2022, Switzerland imported 2,368 caravans, 24% more than in the previous year. For 20 years, Germany has been the top supplier, ahead of France and Slovenia. Over that time, the unit price has risen by half to CHF 22,383. (01.06.2023)



Butter_mit Zahl

In 2022, Switzerland imported 7,859 tonnes of pure butter, i.e. around 900grams per capita. In terms of quantity, 28 times more was imported on average between 2020 and 2022 than in the preceding decade. (01.05.2023)



Schminkmittel für Lippen

In 2022, Switzerland imported 245 tonnes of lip cosmetics, which was 14% more than in the previous year. Three quarters came from Germany and Italy. Germany has been the largest supplier for 20 years.(01.04.2023)



912.5-04 Peru mit Zahl_en

Switzerland imports more from Peru than from any other country in South America (CHF 2.4 billion francs in 2022; 29th place total). Since 2012, gold imports have accounted for over 90% of the trade volume.(01.03.2023)


55 346 322


In 2022, Switzerland imported over 55 million pairs of shoes of all kinds, worth CHF 2.2 billion. In terms of units, shoe imports have almost returned to their pre-pandemic level. (01.02.2023)


+40 %

sparkling wine

Between January and November 2022, 22 million litres of sparkling wine were imported into Switzerland, 40% more than a decade ago. Italy is the largest exporter, with two thirds of shipments, followed by France and Spain. (01.01.2023)