Discover Cantine di Gandria

A visit to the Customs Museum can be combined with other leisure activities in the area around Cantine di Gandria.  


Hikes between Lugano and the Customs Museum can be combined with stages by ferry.

The footpath on the north bank leading from Castagnola to Gandria is almost completely flat and the walk (approx. 45 minutes) is highly recommended. You can then take the ferry from there across to the Museo doganale or Cantine de Gandria stops. Castagnola can be reached from Lugano by car, bus or ferry.

The hike along the south bank from Arogno via Pugerna and Caprino to Cantine di Gandria is demanding. It takes approximately 3 hours and you will need sturdy footwear. Arogno can be reached by bus from Capolago or Lugano.

The section between Caprino and Cantine di Gandria (approx. 80 minutes) is among the most beautiful on Lake Lugano. It includes numerous ascents and descents, so sturdy footwear is recommended here too. After heavy rain it is not accessible, however. Caprino can be reached by ferry.

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