Fast lane (pilot project)

Swiss Customs is opening a fast lane in Gondo (VS) to accelerate the border crossing process for merchandise travelling by road (pilot project).

Find out here how you can use the fast lane.


No stopping at the border, except in the case of inspections.


You can choose the fast lane if you use digital solutions for customs clearance AND the payment of road levies.


Use one of the following solutions:

Road levies

Use one of the following solutions:

EETS (European Electronic Toll Service)

The following EETS providers are currently approved for Switzerland:


Motorway tax sticker (vignette)

(vehicles under 3.5 tonnes for motorway use)

Terms of use

Fast lanes are solely for commercial goods traffic.

Please follow the instructions of Swiss Customs when crossing the border:

  • App notifications (Activ, Periodic)
  • Display boards at the border crossing
  • Instructions from customs staff

In the event of technical problems, use the normal lanes and contact customs staff.