Onlineshopping: Sample calculation - taxable goods value

You have ordered a handheld vacuum cleaner from a German online shop. The purchase price is EUR 150 (net amount, excluding foreign VAT). For dispatch to Switzerland, an additional EUR 12.50 must be paid to the online shop. The overall payment to the online shop is thus EUR 162.50.

Components of the taxable goods value

Amount in CHF


Full amount according to the online shop invoice

CHF 159.25

EUR 162.50 converted into CHF using the rate of 0.98; please click here for the current exchange rates.

Swiss Post costs for customs declaration

CHF 17.45

Detailed information on Swiss Post prices

Swiss Post costs for opening the consignment

CHF 20.00

The sender did not provide sufficient details on the contents of the parcel, which is why the Swiss Post had to open it for clearance.

Total taxable goods value

CHF 196.70

8,1 % VAT is calculated based on this amount (rounded to the nearest franc).


Information office for customs regulations

+41 58 467 15 15

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