EETS Providers

EETS is the EU's electronic toll service, with Europe-wide compatibility; Switzerland is connected to the service. EETS helps to simplify and accelerate the cross-border movement of goods.

EETS is aimed at making it easier for users of the service to pay the tolls for using the European road network in EU member states by means of a contract with an EETS provider, an on-board unit and an invoice.

Switzerland collaborates with private intermediaries, known as "EETS providers", with a view to offering this service to EETS users. In order to be approved for EETS, the provider must first send an approval request (PDF, 816 kB, 01.01.2022) to the FOCBS, together with documentary evidence that the approval criteria have been met.

The provisions of the FDF EETS Ordinance (SR 641.811.423) and a multi-stage approval procedure form the basis for concluding a contract as an approved EETS provider.