Top-class sport in the FOCBS

"To the borders and beyond": The FOCBS sponsors top-class Swiss sportsmen and sportswomen. It provides support for them in combining their work and sports careers.

Top-class sport and occupation in one model

Alongside the individually coordinated training, the top-ranking sportsmen and sportswomen complete basic vocational training as border guards during their sporting career, in future also as customs experts and finish by taking the professional examination. They can thereby pursue a career as a fully-fledged border guard and customs expert. In this way, the FOCBS thus provides a unique model in Switzerland whereby top-class sport and jobs are compatible.

Long tradition at the FOCBS

The Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (former Federal Customs Administration) has been promoting competitive sport since 1952. This promotion of sport was initially aimed at the successful participation of ski-loving border guards in the annual international customs ski competitions, but over the years it has developed into target-oriented support for top-class sport. Since 2011, the FOCBS model of promoting top-class sport has been part of the overall concept of the federal government's support for top-class sport.


All athletes of the BAZG top-class sports team are also uniformed employees. In addition to their top performances on the cross-country track, they are regularly deployed at the border and are committed to the security of Switzerland. Eight employees currently benefit from the top-class sports support.

Christoph Eigenmann
Top-class sport team manager

Portraitfoto Stalder Sebastian
Portraitfoto Stalder Sebastian


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